Friday, October 11, 2019

Camping Trip to Hermit Valley

We made our almost annually trip to Hermit Valley in early August. This was our first time having "boyfriends" with us. I was a little nervous on how it was going to go lol. 

one million dollars for food...
TG I brought my pop up tent. BUT when I took it out it was bent from the last person that used it (not me). Luckily Scott got it to still set up. I was also glad I had brought the side piece for shade. It got really hot in that area for parts of the day.

For next time we need to bring at least one more stove. Or easier food lol. Not all the kids were there at the same time so that kind of worked out well too. We went for 5 days I believe and only had everyone there for 2.

had to buy more chairs of course. I swear someone steals them between camping trips..

The dogs complaining it's dirty

This is what I get when I ask for a picture lol

These crazy kids slept in hammocks the first night. Did I mention it was cold? Melissa said it was ok except she couldn't roll over so they slept in the tent the next night.

we can go home now?

Where's my couch?

We camped in a different spot we had kind of scoped out the last time we were camping. It had more room for everyone to spread out but no "beach" just rocks to climb on.

There's the beach that is next to one of the other camp spots we use

Melissa brought me some wildflowers back from a hike she went on with her boyfriend

We ventured back to the little "waterfall" area. Should bring some shade next time. So hot back there. Maybe I'm just old haha

We all survived! Good til next year haha.

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Chris H said...

Oh wow, it looks so lovely there! I love being beside water. And you have inspired me to go buy a tent and go camping, with just Stew and Me. It would be amazing I reckon. We have quite a bit of 'camping' stuff already... just need a tent and cooker thingee.

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