Wednesday, October 2, 2019


So we started off our morning with breakfast at the hotel. You can tell how I'm about over taking pictures on vacation lol. Which is bad since hello, I love having pictures later!

We told the boys we were heading home and then what? We're getting out of the truck. I did a video of the boys when they got told they were going to Disneyland and they were like ? Kind of hilarious. I think they didn't actually know that Disneyland was a place!

here we are waiting for the tram from the parking lot to the park. I believe this is where I said no more pictures until we are IN the park. See how the boys are wearing Disney shirts? They still didn't have a clue haha.

The most photographed place!

Well hello there Goofy!

The flowers are always so pretty 

We started off all together. I can't remember if we did Buzz Lightyear first or the rockets first. I just remember someone having a meltdown in all the lines. 

Not too long after that I took Anthony and we left to go do the big kid rides together. We got a fast pass for Space Mountain for HOURS later. So we did all the other larger rides except Splash Mountain which was closed. Sadness. That's my favorite ride.
When we went on the Matterhorn we had to sit for awhile when we returned so they sent us around a 2nd time. That was kind of fun. Anthony was a trooper! We met up with everyone for lunch.

After lunch Anthony and I went off by ourselves again.  At some point we finally got to use our Fast Pass and went on Space Mountain. Which I am now too old for and wanted to barf. He LOVED it though and wanted to go again. I was like uh you'd have to go yourself or with your mom. 

It's a Small World. I know a lot of people hate It's a Small World but I like it. I noticed that they added some more modern characters through out the ride now.

Then we met up with the crew in the new Star Wars area which seems like the Geek Capital of Holiness. If I was a Star Wars fan I'm sure I would have been so excited. But.I'm.Not. 

I was already hot and the whole area feels like the desert.

The boys got stopped by the Storm Troopers. Which if that was me at that age I probably would have crapped my pants. They thought it was cool though.

I think we went through toon town after that or maybe before. Nothing exciting there. We went on the Roger Rabbit line and I was thinking about when we went on it years and years ago and waiting at least an hour and how we just basically walked to the front of the line. Not the popular ride that day. Also more circles. I'm like 90 and am just going to have to sit and hold everyone's backpacks while they have fun on the rides.

We all went and watched the parade, I had videos but it looks like they are too large to put on here bummer.

Later that night we watched the fire works and light show. Someone told my friend they project it on It's a Small World so we sat close to that area. It was really neat and the kids loved it.

On the way out we stopped and got an ice cream on Main Street

and caught Mickey just before he went to bed!

and then it was the long wait for the tram ride back to the parking lot. We squeezed in next to some cranky old woman who didn't want to move over. Squish squish bish.

Everyone was exhausted! The next morning we all slept in a bit and took forever to get ready so missed the free breakfast. We got all loaded in the car. It seemed like a major feat!

And then they wanted to stop across the street for breakfast. I was like wha? Everything was super packed so we ended up getting on the freeway and going down a few exits. We found a Marie Calendar's (they have closed all the ones near us) and had the Sunday Buffet. 

After we climbed back in the truck and only had to stop a few times on the way home. I passed out for a bit with my head bobbing into the window a few times. 

All in all it was a fun trip but I definitely got my fill of little boys for a bit haha. 

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