Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Downtown Disney

Since we were right down the street from Disneyland we all decided we should just stay another day and go to Disneyland! We went online and found a hotel and actually booked it for 2 nights. That way the kids could play the whole day at the water park then we could rest, do Disney for a day, come back and sleep and then leave fresh the next day.

So after the kids got done swimming for the day we got all packed up in the truck and then drove down the street to Target to get some "Disney supplies". Then we went and had something to eat at Coco's since we don't have one of those at home anymore.

I can't remember what was up with the sweater heads but they are kind of funny now.

After eating we told he kids were were going home but actually just did a small ride down the road and pulled into a hotel.  SURPRISE! haha

The hotel had a separate little room for the kids. Sadly only 2 beds and 3 kids though so that caused a tantrum or 2. We could have got a roll away or something but eventually they calmed down. The whole room was decorated in Star Wars decor. 

and THEN we went to Downtown Disney. The boys LOVED the Lego store, they could have stayed there all night.

We went to Tortilla Jo's for dinner . It was a bit on the expensive side (I think it was like $15-$20 for table side guacamole). 

$50 for a margarita? It's ok I NEED it (kidding I think it was like $20 lol)

There was a guy coming around making balloon items and the boys all got balloon swords. Oye. Not my first choice of items for boys.

One sword down!

Back to the hotel for hopefully some quiet time (haha) and sleep for the big day tomorrow!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

When I read $50 for a margarita before going on to the real price I thought - buy a couple bottles of tequila for less ladies! Glad you had such a nice time!

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