Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Yard Update

It's been almost a month since my last garden update! I had to take pictures with my cell phone because SOMEONE (they are named "not me" and "I didn't do it") broke my camera. We have about 5 cameras that don't work.

Anyhow. So excuse the slightly somewhat blurry pictures. It's been really hot for the last few weeks. That combined with going back to work and working 8 hour days most days has lead to not much work in the yard. Although it seems to have LOVED the heat as long as I water daily.

Front view

Out the front door
Coming from down the road. My neighbor told me it reminded him of Disneyland when they would come down the road from this direction. I think I love him now. We need to work on getting that grass on the left out and get the rock to put there before the flowers get invaded. I've already dug one row all the way down to keep it back but it's filling in fast.

From the walkway, same side

The "other" side. My poor alyssum by the paper box was looking HORRIBLE. I finally went to investigate, and when we put the wood in it was never fully filled in with dirt on the flower side. I added some miracle grow soil and it's perking back up.

I put in a few petunia's today on this side. The last batch I put in got too hot before I got them in the ground and didn't make it.

Those cosmos by the tree have really taken off. They are all crazy wild and big. My inner "organizer" wants to take them out because they aren't balanced but I'm fighting the want to move them.

This side is really filling in nicely.

:sigh: Next part. If only it would cool off, we have some fun plans for this area.

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Gordostyle said...

It looks awesome! When can you do mine? :o)

Susie said...

So pretty Julie! It's all taken nicely!!

Mary~Momathon said...

Wow! It does look like Disneyland!

Chris H said...

It really is so very pretty. Shame I don't know what Disneyland looks like... *sob*

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