Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Child My Demon

This boy

became possessed today. It all started out good. We were on a trip to Target looking for a few school supplies that I hadn't picked up yet. We were taking a little stroll from the school supplies section, which of course, turns right into the TOY section.

It was all good though. My kids are used to looking at toys and not getting anything.


I said let's go.

And Trevor wanted a Transformer.

Trevor has LOTS of Transformers. He gets really pissed at them because he can't get them to change on his own. Several of them are in pieces, probably on the floor of his room as I type this.

So I told him no and kept walking.

::enter demon child::

He runs after me screaming how he "wants a Transformer" and pulling my arm. I keep walking with him dragging behind me. At one point he was laying on the floor in an aisle.

I kept walking.

THEN he slugs me in the back.

Which he was rewarded with a smack on the ass. At this point I was kind of hoping someone would come take me away. I was totally ok with a short vacation in a small cell.

We proceed to the check out, kid screaming, me texting Jessica that I was leaving she better hurry from where ever she is. Melissa walking along totally mortified.

We wait our turn at the check out and he's calmed down just a bit from hysterical to slighly crying. Now he sees the things at the check out section and wants something from there.

Um no. Bad boys don't get toys I tell him. Finally it's our turn. He's back to screaming hysterically. The check out girl tells me "Good for you for not giving in".

I asked her if she had a margarita.

Not really but I sure could have used one!! Somewhere from the check out to the walk out his crying has turned into that he "wants Pokemon cards".

We're outside and a Grandma pushing her cart is trying to get the hell out of the way but I know she was thinking about the good old days where you could beat your kid in public and everyone applauded.

We get in the car. Go down 3 doors to staples (Target didn't have any pencil boxes, WTH!) and I ask him if he can maintain while we go in Staples. He says something about Pokemon cards and I told him if I heard anything about Pokemon cards while we were in the store I was going to take them all.

Then, the clouds parted and my angel baby was back.


So where's that margarita...Pin It


Chris H said...

If you smacked your child on the bum here you would get charged with injuring a child.. and have to go to trial! I know.. it's happening in our family... but that's a whole other story.
I'm glad the demon child went away eventually, and you stood your ground and didn't give in to him.

Carin said...

Good for you! I hope you found your margarita or at least some Valium.

Is he in the 10-12 age range cause I have one there and he can be a demon at times too, wondering if its the age.

Susie said...

Ah the good old days! So don't miss those, but I do still get an occational tantrum! Good for you for sticking to your guns!

Anonymous said...

good for you! I had a similar situation in Walgreens yesterday but it didn't involve "I want" but involved Kyle 'said something' to me. Then whining and stomping down the aisle which was rewarded with a clenched tooth "you've lost your screen time today until 4 pm". Bam, my sweet child was back!

Love it


~Sheila~ said...

Devyn is at the age where EVERYWHERE we go he is asking for EVERYTHING. I don't get anything because I've already sent out the message about "not asking for anything while we're in there".

Never do I experience any tantrums from my kids though. I feel for you.

honkeie said...

I would be in prison I guess, if my child ever hit me becuase that would be the last thing they remembered until his 18th birthday!

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