Monday, August 17, 2009

Babies back to school

So the little kids started school today! Melissa wanted to ride the bus, and at the last minute Trevor decided that he would ride the bus too. I was a little nervous about letting him go to school without me to tell him which way to go, but in reality it's a small school with only one class for each grade, and he did fine!

Here's their first day pictures, as usual someone was complaining about the sun being in their eyes. If you ever start this tradition, make sure you pick somewhere that the sun isn't blinding your kids.

5th grade and looking so grown up!

1st grade, he dressed himself! He KIND of matched.

I got to work right on time this morning. I started a new project of doing something I already did only redoing it into a new catagory. FUN. I forgot my mp3 player too so I'm sure I annoyed everyone with my chattering.

This stupid thing just about got the best of me today. I won eventually by removing it's insides and violently throwing them in the trash. Take that, you stupid piece of plastic!! Sometimes I really long for the good old days of goop on a paint brush.

Got home way before the school bus so I think tomorrow I will stay at work a little bit later. I got home and Jessica was struggling to cover her books. I think she just "acts" like she is trying to do it because she knows I will do it for her. I secretly love to cover books. Sick I know.
I have a roast (actually 2 small ones) in the oven because I forgot to put them in the crock pot. Hopefully they turn out ok!
I'm pretty sure I'm getting Trevor's lovely cold. My throat is all scratchy. Prepare yourself for my self pity post tomorrow if it hits me full steam.

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Grand Pooba said...

I hope you don't get sick! Knock on wood.

Your daughter's outfit is so cute. Reading this post brought back memories of the first day of school. Everyone wearing their new clothes and a little nervous. I always couldn't wait to get out of school, now I wouldn't mind it at all. I'd trade that for the worries of "real life" lol!

Carin said...

Julie they are so cute! Better the sun in your eyes than it pouring rain or something.

I would have loved to see the battle of the white out, just because it sounds exactly like something I would do.

I hope you don't get a cold its so yucky! HUGS Carin

Kelsi said...

I love back to school pictures (although as I teacher I'm not crazy about going back to school). They look great and I used to love to cover my books too. It's like wrapping a present!

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