Monday, October 15, 2012

Cleaning, Clothes & Running

Well Sunday wasn't too exciting. I spent the whole day (for the most part) cleaning my room. That also involved doing a lot of laundry and having Scott help me take the bed apart so I could clean under it. When you have a Cal-King bed you can lose small children  under there. Or, you know, enough hair to make another dog and or cat. :ick: We should all be breathing better now.

Here's Lucy showing off the top of my desk.

Well hello there, I haven't seen you in MONTHS. (sucks having a small house with no closets). And yes that's contact paper circa 1992 when I moved into my first apartment. Guess I could update that eh?

I got it all cleaned up but my side of the bed which is home to all my craft crap and tons of Etsy stuff that I need to list but never seem to have the time to get done. I think I need to set a mini goal of listing 5 things a day or something. I haven't bought anything to sell on there in quite awhile and all my listings fell off.

So I was just about done with the laundry and went out to the garage and there was no power out there. Weird. I come in and there is power in the house. But wait, no power in the bathroom, along the wall in the kitchen, the kids outlets and the front porch light. WTF? Scott can't figure out what is wrong. Trevor takes a shower in the dark bathroom, and eventually we all just go to bed.

I got up in the middle of the night and used my phone for a flash light and then when I was leaving the bathroom I flicked the light and what? It came on. In the morning Scott got up and the light came on, and then it went off again. Happened to me too. Weird. After work? I get home and everything works fine. Scott got off work early and went and bought a circuit breaker tester but since it's all on I don't think he bothered to go out and test it. Which means it will probably go off again at some point when we really need it. Gotta love living in an old house in the country.

This morning I got up and found this on the floor.

After 4 hours plus of cleaning my room? My man leaves his shirt on the floor. I'm pretty sure woman have went all Bobbit on their husband's for less. 

Oh and when I got up? It was an hour late because I forgot to actually turn my alarm clock ON.  So it was a no bus day for my kids. 

I had time for a quick picture in my clean room. Aren't you glad it's not in the bathroom anymore? I'm sure you care lol. I decided that these jeans are too short for me. And a little too much extra fabric in the butt/hips area. 

Work was super exciting. Addressing 500 or so letters by hand is AWESOME. So far I've went in search of better pens in the supply cabinet. Might have to go buy some.

After work I ran to the bank and the grocery store to get a few things for dinner and lunches and still made it to the bus stop in time to get the kids. I felt like I should be wearing my Super Mom cape. Woooossshhh

Came home and got dinner in the oven, spent some time with Jill (1/2 way done with the challenge woot!) Kind of tweaked my shoulder not sure if I pulled something or what but it is sore. 

Ate dinner (meatloaf, I was craving it, so good!)

and then went out for my run. Today was supposed to be 20 minutes of a faster than jogging run. Which it says you should still be able to talk while doing it but I can't even talk while I jog real slow so I just ran. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I have runkeeper running in the background and it tells me every so often what my running pace is and how long I've ran for and my competitive mind just wants to go faster.  At one point my phone did a little blip and the apple came on and then it started working again. Weird. After 20 minutes I started to do the cool down but I was still quite a ways from home so I alternated jogging and walking a bit until I got home.

I love playing with these little chart thingies. Not sure what it all means but according to the runkeeper folks I ran faster than usual so hey, it's all good in my book!

Well happy Tuesday, see you tomorrow, I'm beat!

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Anonymous said...

You are a MACHINE!! and your listings have suffered because you are busy taking care of yourself. DON'T STOP!!

Love Rusty sitting there in front of the tv! (I think his name is Rusty..right?)


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