Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fitness Friday

Thank God It's Friday! Slept in, have to drive the kids to school instead of the bus. 

Weighed myself (I weigh myself every day, I know I know it's too much but I don't care!) I lost .2 which isn't much but it's a new number on the scale woohooo

Holy shit, look at how dirty my car is! Now is it going to rain again? Or do I go get a car wash?

Another pair of cute Goodwill jeans! Didn't really walk around with my shirt tucked in but wanted to show the top. Can't really see it though, they have cute pockets. Do people tuck their shirts in nowadays?  I'm so far out of the fashion loop I have no idea. It's getting colder so I need to look for some long sleeve shirts.

And the back. 

Since it wasn't raining we went to the flea market for lunch. Loving my flea market Fridays! I had 3 coworkers come with me. My friend Eric tried the goat taco's. He said they were great! I'm going to have to try one next time, I've never had goat before.

We spent a little time looking at the live birds that they sell there. Today there were two vendors.

Check out these two all in their own little world. "ohhh I love you sooo much" So cute!!

Aren't these birds cool looking? I don't know what they are called but they got the color blocking down!

I don't know what these are either. We decided they looked like something you'd have for dinner.

I came home and the kids all went out to play. What? Home alone? Nice! I cleaned up the kitchen and got dinner in the oven. I don't think anyone in my family really enjoys this meal but it's a comfort food for me. I cut up a whole chicken and threw in some potatoes and carrots. Sprinkle some salt, pepper and garlic powder on stop. My mom used to make it with some Italian sausage too. I do that ever so often.Probably should have taken a picture after I cooked it but I was too busy eating it.

While that was cooking I did my 30 day shred. Oh level 2, you are so hard! My arms are so tired trying to lift the weights up to my eyes. How about I just do the leg motions for a few beats... I worked up a good sweat!

After that I cooled down a bit, ate dinner, sucked down some water and then went for my run.

I got down the street and realized I forgot to take my glasses off so I paused everything and went back and to leave them and then hit the road. 

Some how, after I did the 5 minute warm up my 5k-10k program paused. WTF?? Of course I realized this way later. Today was a 30 minute run a bit faster than a jog it said. I'm glad I had the runkeeper running too so I just ran until it said 35 minutes since I had the 5 minute walk in the beginning. Then of course, walked 5 minutes for the cool down.

Check out those 10's. WOOT! Didn't totally feel like I was going to die either. Progress!  Never thought this fat girl was going to be able to be a runner.

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