Monday, October 8, 2012

Not Quite A Day Off But I'll Take It!

Well tonight was a pretty low key nice day. Nice to be able to sleep in a little bit, although my son never seems to be able to sleep in on days that I'm able to. Nope, he's up bright and early chattering away. I'll embrace it while it lasts since the teenager years are around the corner and I know I won't be seeing him until the crack of noon like the girls!

I got up and took the kids to school, came home and proceeded to do pretty much nothing all morning. I did get my Jillian Michael's workout in. I don't think I've actually explained that I'm doing a 31 day challenge for October. It's 31 days of being Jillian Michael's Biotch over at the Fit Camp. Today I finished day 8. I have 2 more days of level one and man am I ready to move on and do something else. I am getting to the point where I don't really even watch the tv anymore, just listen for the cues of when to change to the next exercise.  In 8 days I've lost 1.6 pound and 4 inches. I've also been running, weight lifting and counting calories so it's a combo of it all. At least something is going somewhere!

At 1:00 I went and met my Dad for lunch. We ended up eating at the same place I went Friday night with the family. La Villa, our favorite little awkward Mexican restaurant in Tracy. Way back when Scott and I both worked within a block of each other we'd often meet over there for lunch. Actually we even ate there before it was Mexican. It was Chinese food when I first started working in town. I say it's awkward because they have really weird bench seats (that are too tall and too short for your legs), it's crowded and you hardly ever get your check at the table because they are too busy to bring it to you. The food is fantastic and a good price though.

After visiting with my Dad I came home for a bit before it was time to go pick up the kids from the bus and then it was off to the dentist for Melissa. She has a couple very small cavities  and is going back on Thursday to get those taken care of. We might get out for under $100. WOOT WOOT.

I made dinner tonight (chili rubbed pork chops) and then Trevor was all excited for me to go out and run so he could ride his bike along side of me. I gave him my old iPhone (minus the actual working phone part) and he's in heaven listening to music on it. He had the arm band and ear buds all ready to go so I figured I better hurry up and get out there and get my run done!

Tonight I started the's 5k-10k app. Day 1 was warm up walking for 5 minutes, run for 20, cool down for 5. I'm pretty sure I ran faster than I ever have before. 20 minutes? Felt like hardly anything after panting out 30 last week!! I had almost skipped this one and now I'm glad I didn't because it gave me a bit more confidence in myself that I can get faster for shorter distances now. Who would have thought? Definitely not me.


It's weird but I totally love running in the dark now. (Well I don't know if LOVE is the right word, but PREFER) When I ran Friday night it was still light out and I felt like everyone was creepers watching me run by. In the dark no one can really see you, it's quite freeing! I think I have most of the big holes in the roads memorized now haha.

This is an edited version of what comes up from the runkeeper app. I put that on when I first start so the first 5 and last 5 minutes are walking. If you look at the splits it says I was doing a 10:32 mile at mile 2. GO ME!! I'd so be making my Jr. High PE instructors proud! Damn I hated that class but the more I think back to it the more I think of how much we got out of it! If only all PE teachers were that tough!

Well hopefully the scale will be nice tomorrow and I will get back down to my 50 pounds lost. I am .4 away now (for several days). I don't know how I ended up gaining 4 plus pounds after I hit it before but it's really pissing me off that it's taking me a month to get it back. It's making me pay way more attention to my calories in and out. Plus Scott is almost down to 50 pounds lost and it's really going to piss me off if he loses 2 pounds faster than I can lose .4. Nothing like a little friendly competition to keep things real around here right?Pin It


Sarah said...

I can see how the dark running would be better!!! I think I wouldn't run (if I was able) just because I wouldn't want people to watch. You still amaze me as you get more dedicated and motivated. SO AWESOME!!!

Melissa G. said...

When I was doing 30 Day Shred, I watched the workout on its own one day (without doing it along) and wrote down everything she was doing and how long she was doing it for. Then I made a PowerPoint of everything that was in the workout, and advanced the slides every 30 or 60 seconds, based on how long the exercise was. I made every third slide a different color (so if I was on the floor and it switched, I could see it). That way, I didn't have to watch the "here's my girl _____" and "watch this girl if you want an easier workout" introductions every day, I could watch TV or listen to music, and I didn't have to listen to the instructions for each exercise.

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