Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Moving It Day!

Happy Monday! Well it's almost Tuesday now. I just called my Mom to tell her Happy Birthday (today is her real birthday) and  2 1/2 hours later I was like I REALLY have to go now. Gotta love that about talking to your Mom on the phone right?

My outfit of the day, thrifted sweater I'm wearing for the first time. It has a bit of wool in it so it was pretty warm but surprisingly not as scratchy as I thought it was going to be.

Today I made a list of races to do this year. I want to try and do one a month. I mostly have 10k's here and 2 half marathons if my legs can handle it. It's just a rough draft for now.

My Biofreeze came in the mail. Haven't used it yet, guess that's a good thing ;)

I decided to go to the gym. I'm thinking Monday, Wed, Friday will be easier than Tuesday and Thursdays like I went before. On Tuesday's and Thursday's Trevor has band for an hour after school so it's more rushed between the time of having to pick him up, go to the gym, and then make dinner.

Today was my first time of going to the gym without a trainer. I want to keep working with lifting weights but I'm not very good at knowing what to do with what for which muscles. I found this picture online and  decided to put them in a little notebook to take as a cheat sheet. I took a picture of it and then had a duh moment. Then I took pictures of each page and just used my phone! Worked pretty good for me. 

Although a notebook might be nice to put down how many reps and what weight I used for the next time.

I posted this on instagram, but every time I look in the mirror it still surprises me that my arms, chest and shoulders look the way they do!

I did my lifting and then did a few things off my calendar that I keep forgetting about. 

I'm all caught up except for those russian twists, I need to figure out what those are still.

Then I did 1/2 an hour on the elliptical. I didn't think I was on task to make it to 300 calories burned for a bit so I bumped things up and OUCH, that was a bit of a rear end workout!


Oh and kind of a funny story. There was a girl on a machine a few over and she kept moving her hand like she was getting shocked or something. Eventually I full on looked over to see what was going on and realized that she was cheering for a basketball game that was on the tv! Glad she wasn't actually getting shocked!

When I got home Scott had started dinner. Good old Weight Watchers Chili Rubbed Pork Chops. This is the only way he likes pork chops. Pork Chops make me think of my Grandma and how she made them once a week with fried potatoes (like country potatoes). 

After dinner we were two crazy people and layered up and went out and did the couch to 5k week 2 day 3 for Scott's training schedule. When we first left he said "who are we?" I said do you remember when I couldn't even get you to go for a walk with me? We've come a long way!

It's COLD for us. We hardly ever get much below the 30's so we're at the "where's our heat" time of year. 

We kept the pace a bit slower than the last time we were out but we ALMOST worked off one pork chop!

Kind of sad when you think of it that way haha.

Ok it's midnight and time for bed!! Here's to a good day tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

I love BIOFREEZE. It was introduced to me by my chiropractor for mild muscle pain. I use it after a hard workout.

Sarah said...

BIOfreeze..LOVE it!! I was told to always remember it is masking pain, and you still need to listen to the warnings your body is sending. LOVE the cold pics. You crack me up.

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