Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Clothes Are Awesome!

This morning I was out taking the dog out and the neighbor's son yelled over "hello!"

I'm not really used to people in the neighborhood talking to me that early in the morning so I was thrown off guard a bit. Once I realized who it was we started the idle chit chat while the dog watered the grass.

He kept telling me how much weight I had lost and that he thought I was one of the kids. Haha, love hearing that. Made my morning!

Melissa and Trevor both stayed home from school today. Pretty sure at least one was faking but since they were BOTH complaining I figured someone might really be sick. No one seems to be dying now that I'm home now.

I ran to Target to get laundry soap and coffee. I came home with a new pair of jeans, a sweater, pads, shampoo, razor blades, a mug for Jessica and some blank CD's for almost $100. Notice what I forgot? I got a bit side tracked by all the clearance racks they had up.

I only ended up getting one sweater off of the clearance rack for $4. SCORE! It's so freaking cold here lately.

I noticed that the jeans were on sale too so I tried on a few pairs. 


OMG!! Freaking nuts. They are a tiny bit tight on the waist but not too bad. I'm sure they will stretch out after I wear them for an hour. It would probably help if I wasn't wearing granny panties. 

I also saw they had some bikini's out and just for fun I thought I'd try on a couple Mama L style.

That was funny! They were cute on the top and the bottom. The large amount of white flesh in the middle needs some help though. I think I might need to start saving some pennies for a tummy tuck. Or just go move into the gym. 

Here's the edited version!

Off to make dinner. Yeah funnnnnn

Then I'm going to the gym even if it's going to be like 8:00 by the time I get there.

PS: I only need 10 more followers to get to 200!! Anyone want to help me out? 
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Chris H said...

I can dimly remember the thrill of buying small clothes. I will get back there one day.
The top half of the bikini looks great!

1 said...

Good for you!!!

Unknown said...

looking FABULOUS!!!

elisha_run_run_run said...

I'll help out with the 200 :) and way to go SIZE 2!!!! That is freaking awesome!!!!

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