Saturday, January 5, 2013

Walrus Earrings Anyone?

Oh you guys! I'm being a posting whore but I have to tell this story while I have it in my head haha.

So last night I went down to the bar to meet up with some of my book club friends. I've told you all before how most of them are a bit older than me. Like somewhere around the age of 70. You might wonder why I would like to hang out with them but they crack me up so much.

So we are all sitting around the tables in the bar talking and my friend Carol, who is a very sophisticated lady turns to us and starts telling us this story.

Her daughter's went on an Alaskan cruise. While they were there they went together to buy their mom a present. Apparently they were really proud of this unique piece of art jewelry because they took pictures with the artist and such.

Then she says with a dead pan face

"They bought me walrus penis earrings."

::insert my hilarious laughter here:::

Who the f*k buys their mom PENIS earrings???

So we are all talking about this and she's describing how they have little holes in them because you know, that's where the walrus' sperm comes out. Oh and did you know that they are "ready to go" all the time?

I was like OMG I need to make a note to myself to go research this when I get home (for my blog) and my friend is like well just look them up now. So I did.

Then we all laughed some more as they passed around my phone checking them out and commenting

What? You mean they aren't the whole thing? It's only a cross section?
If I wanted a dried out penis I already have one of those at home!

My friend took home the earring recipient and then later sent me a picture of the actual earrings

I wonder if they ship? I'm sure my mom would love a pair!

Maybe she'd like these from Etsy better ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This is hysterical!!!!!

Melissa G. said...

First of all, I about DIED laughing at this! Second of all... I think you need to check if Carol has double pierced ears - then she could get the Etsy walrus earrings for one whole and then the walrus penis earrings for the other! What a conversation piece! Haha!

Lani said...

Omg! When I read the title I thought it said "walnut earrings." But when I read the sorry I immediately burst into obnoxious laughter. Haha! That's friggin' hilarious!

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