Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'mmm melllttiinnggg

Man it's hot. Just got back from a short run (3.1) and sweating like crazy. I should just go jump in the shower but there was actually no one on the computer for a minute. I finally ran under an 11 minute mile for my run today. I have gotten so slow compared to where I was before I started training for my half. How is that possible? I kind of just want to work on making my 5k time faster for awhile. Is that weird?

We went out without the dog tonight. I felt bad leaving him but it was nice to not have to hold on to him.  Maybe I'll take him every other time or something. Gotta keep him guessing ;)

I have 2 kids spending the night tonight. I think I got tricked into the 2nd one since my son didn't ask me until after the kid showed back up. Hmmm. I've already told them they have to keep it down tonight since I have to go to work in the morning, we'll see how well that works.The 2 kids are siblings. Convenient eh? I think my kids need to go over to their house to spend the night. Oh say Friday night or so. Seems fair right? We could use a night with no kids ;)

So I feel pretty productive today. I got the living room cleaned up a bit and the kitchen is cleaned up and I actually made dinner two nights in a row. I'm feeling all kinds of domestic!!

Tonight for dinner I made Spinach Lasagna Rolls from Skinnytaste. They are so yummy and not too time consuming to make.

Somehow my pictures is sideways but I'm too tired to care. Mine always come out saucier looking than her picture. That's ok I like more sauce anyways!

Not bad for 224 calories each. (I had two since I was still hungry after one)

I've really been enjoying watching some food shows lately. Mostly Diner's Drive In's and Dives. I've actually watched enough of them now that I'm seeing a lot of repeats. 

Today I switched over to the show Restaurant Impossible. That show amazes me. Like, how can you run a restaurant and COOK food if you don't really know how to cook? And then be surprised that your business is failing. 

A lot of people say that watching food shows make them hungry but it doesn't really have that affect on me. Sometimes I'm really grossed out by what they are putting in the food! Like one restaurant that was famous for their potato salad cooks bacon and then dumps ALL THE GREASE into the potato mixture. Um yeah no thanks! Heart attack on a plate. 

I think I mostly like watching the techniques and the stories behind some of the places. And of course it gives me ideas of stuff to cook. 

Do you have a favorite cooking show? My daughter likes the show chopped. We used to watch a cupcakes war one all the time too but I haven't seen that one on in awhile. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I watch a lot of the food network shows and they don't make me hungry either. You know my favorite - The Chew!

Chris H said...

I think yes, you should send your kids off to someone else's home for a sleep over! I hope it's not you having other people's kids all the time?
Food shows. Love them. Love getting ideas from them. And Pinterest. That site is EVIL. It wastes hours of our time some days!
Bex is more hooked than me, and that's saying a lot.

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