Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Slacker 4th of July!!

Well it's the 4th of July! I'm feeling like a bit of a holiday failure. Somewhere out in the shed is a box labeled 4th of July (original I know). I have a million "Patriotic Party" pins on Pinterest.

We didn't go for a morning bike ride to watch the hot air balloons take off at the park.

Or go to the parade downtown.

I didn't even run the virtual 5k I had planned on doing. (in my defense when I woke up at 8am it was already 82 degrees outside)

Instead I'm sitting here in my tank top and shorts and no bra (scary) catching up on blogs.

We have plans later to go to my brother's house. We will stop at the store on the way to get food to take.

I might have a red tank top somewhere in my closet. That is if it's not in the dirty clothes that I have abandoned. (Melissa has been sporadically washing clothes this summer, whatever she gets clean seems to be enough!)

We probably won't go anywhere to watch real fireworks go off. My brother's neighbor always sets off enough to keep us entertained and hoping the houses don't catch on fire.

I now know why my parents used to say "it's ok you go we'll stay here" when we tried to talk them into going to see the fireworks with us.

What has happened to me?? Oh yeah. I'm old!
Well not entirely but kind of ;)

I hope you all have a nice 4th of July.
Don't drink and drive or set your house on fire.
Don't shoot off guns either.
That's bad.Pin It

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