Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adrian's 6th Birthday

Saturday was Adrian's 6th birthday! They had a "Frozen" theme (I think I'm the last person on earth that still hasn't seen that movie) and started it off by going ice skating!

I brought a sweatshirt and a jacket and parked my butt in the bleachers but I think the kids had fun ;)

Nephew Tony, Melissa, Niece Adrian and Trevor

My brother had to get some skates so he could take little Ava out 

After the kids were frozen we went back to my brother Joe's house for a party with everyone else.

Adrian let me take this picture because I said it was for "Jess" lol


Emma was throwing the ball to Melissa, I think we have a future softball player

Melissa & Emma

Emma & Vincent

This little girl is BUSY lol

Lots of presents!

Scott making Vincent laugh

Vincent and Grandpa

Mr Handsome

So fun to play with all the kids but not have to chase them! 
Ava's got the next birthday in November!

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow! I remember when she was just a newborn. Sheesh.

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