Monday, September 14, 2015

It's Burning

All of California is on fire. It's so sad. There is a huge section that is only about an hour away (Butte Fire) that has hundreds (maybe thousands) of people evacuated. Facebook if full of posts of lost and found animals. Horses, dogs, cows, etc., it's crazy!

I feel so bad for all the people that are losing their homes and the TREES. I know it sounds silly to be sad about trees but that area is so beautiful. It's not even that far from Big Trees, which has some of largest redwoods. I'm not sure if it's come away from that area now, but that would be such a sad sad loss.

It's currently overcast (and not just smokey, which it has been the last few days) and sprinkling here and there a bit. I really wish it would just RAIN and put all the fires out.

And of course this probably means we WILL get that El Nino year this year and that will bring tons of mudslides. :sigh:

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Japolina said...

It is so scary. I visited the redwoods this summer and hugged them. I really hope that the fires end soon!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just wrote to another blogger who lives in the area. She too is fine thankfully, but this is all so scary from what I see on TV.
Makes snow look okay to me now.(well, not completely)

I hope you all stay safe and fire free.
100 miles is still too close to me.

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