Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Redneck Party


I think I mentioned before that I'm on the Entertainment Committee in my little community where I live now. We are a private club and we have PARTIES! It's fun! Well mostly fun, but now that I'm on the committee it's a bit of work too.

For an end of summer party they decided to have a "Redneck Party", which is totally NOT any kind of party I would ever decide to have on my own, but a bunch of people were excited about it, so there you go. We started planning months ago, which was way better than the 4th of July party we did last time. That was very scary working on without much preparation. We have someone else "in charge" now and wow what a difference it makes. Also there are a lot more people helping out.

The only thing I was in charge of was the donut eating contest for the kids. Which was great since then I only had one thing to stress about haha. I did also end up helping serve food and I helped with the cake walk a bit. Other than that I just ran around and took pictures for the Club Facebook page. (which I think I also mentioned that I'm running that now too right?)

It was a busy day, but fun, even though my kids didn't come and my husband made other plans because he forgot about it. My parents came so I ate dinner with them after I got done serving and sat with them now and then when I wasn't running around.

Now for some pictures!

Best Redneck "male"

My buddy Traci

Blind Golf Cart race

get the toilet paper on the plunger game

Redneck jail

The band

The cake walk ended up being after it started getting dark but it was still fun

some redneck donated goodies for the cake walk

We had a chili cook off 

Some redneck kids games

Some of the people-

Dad and mom

 Friends Joanie and Nancy


Traci's grandson trying to eat her fishing lure earrings lol

Redneck Golf Cart

Redneck Dinner

Redneck Me

And a few of the props

Beer Garden

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