Saturday, October 17, 2015

This and That

I finally took my cat Lucy in to get spayed this morning. YEAH to no more in heat cats! After these two cats are gone I am not getting anymore cats. (Make sure you remind me I said that later). Lucy is 3 and Buster is 11 so we have quite a few more years before their batteries wear out. I'm so over cat boxes and cat pee and all that mess. Even though the purrs and snuggles are nice. I have had a cat since before I moved out on my own and took him with me so I have not been without a cat for most of my life.

After I dropped her off today I went a little bit late to our community board meeting. We have over 400 members and the same 10 (on a good day) show up to the meetings. Rather sad. I just started going this last year and it's amazing what goes on "behind the scenes". I totally do not agree with how some things are done but eh, if you aren't on the board you can voice your opinion and that's about it. Just have to make sure you vote for responsible people that aren't total assholes. One gal on the board was so negative the whole meeting today. Why be there if you are so miserable and you hate it so much? Step down and let someone else do it and you can stay home and watch TV in your jammies all day.

Friday I finally got the letter that says I'm hired for my new job (before it was "tentative" on me not being a felon and all that). My official start day is November 1st (Sunday lol) so I report for duty on that Monday. I got an email with 500 links to things to read and fill out. I'm pretty sure once I get all my stuff to deduct figured out I'm not going to have much of a paycheck left lol. Insurance, life insurance, retirement, 401k etc. If I was rich I'd be socking it all away heavy but I'm a tiny bit scared of how much money I'm actually going to be bringing home after they take everything out. It will all be worth it in the end though since in one year I'll be getting a bit of a hike in pay and I can only go up from there.

Friday at work I was figuring out my time card and realized I'll have about 30 hours of unused sick time that will just be gone when I switch over. Sucks! Might have to be sick a day or two ;) I also have 2 days worth of vacation. Monday I'll ask if it's ok to take those off at the end of the month. Have a nice LONG weekend before I start my new job (doing the same thing lol). I will be working full time too so I need to work out if I can come in earlier on the days that Trevor has band after school so I can pick him up. Or figure something else out.

All that fun stuff.

Tomorrow is Scott's birthday so we will be going out to dinner then. Tonight the plan is to go hang out at the bar. Hopefully there will be a lot of people there and it will be fun. Last year we went down on his birthday and we were the only ones in the whole place! New people are running it now though so hopefully it will be hopping :)Pin It

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Chris H said...

You got a 'new' job, with longer hours and less pay? Are you mad? (said ever so nicely) of course! I hope it all works out and you ARE better off eventually.

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