Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fourth of July Party

I'm still on the "Entertainment Committee" although I was thinking of dropping out for a day or two. My friend Traci told me I'm not allowed to quit lol. It's fun but it's also fun to just go to the parties and not have to work at them.

For the 4th of July party I was totally stressed that the kids prizes I ordered from Oriental Trading weren't going to come on time. The tracking info went back and forth between coming the day before the party, to the Monday after the party, to the afternoon of the party, back to the day before the party lol. Thank God they got here the day before. Lesson learned on that one.

The night before the party we got together to do some decorating and ended up sitting on the back porch. Someone brought a bullhorn which turned out to be a ton of fun haha.

The next morning we were back for more pre-party prep

Then back home to decorate our boat for the boat parade. The boat parade kicked off the start of the party. All my pictures of that are from other people since I was on our boat. Everyone got a "trophy" which were trophies upcycled/crafted by the committee.

Then we were on to bike decorating (yes orange balloons, he's 5 it's ok lol)

and then later a bike "parade" with a prize of $1 each and a ribbon (old people made that up)

After bike decorating we had the watermelon eating contest


Then onto the water balloons!

Then it was lunch time! Tri tip sandwiches, potato salad and corn. Except someone didn't buy enough rolls or tri tip so I ended up with a hot dog.

Later there was the cake booth. I made 4 plates of cupcakes. My dad was joking later that he spent $20 for my niece to win the cupcakes that I made

And then after all the hard work was done we played in the lake. Which may or may not have been why everyone threw up two days later.

Bev's brother got this emergency life raft and brought it out. The kids had a lot of fun playing in there.

My son discovered that a boat gets the girls haha.

We ended up ordering some food for dinner from the bar and being the last group hanging out behind the club house. It was fun hanging out!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Man it looked like fun!!
I"m with you though - I'd prefer going to the party than "making" the party.

Chris H said...

Awww there's that really cute little boat again!
What are tri tip sandwiches? I have no idea.

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