Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Caroling

December had been crazy busy! Friday night was Christmas Caroling. This guy that lives in the area made this huge trailer that he pulls with a tractor and volunteered himself to drive our community members around the neighborhood to go caroling. 

The day before was nothing but rain and the day after it got really cold (for us) so we really lucked out with the weather.

I sat next to my neighbor Barbara. We've lived near each other forever but have just got to know each other better the last year or so. She makes AMAZING quilts. I was teasing her that the blanket she brought wasn't a handmade quilt, what a slacker ;)

I was sitting in the last trailer so it was kind of fun to lean over and see the whole train ahead of us.

Trevor went with me but sat in a different trailer with all the kids. This is his reaction to the "redneck 12 days of Christmas" when it started playing at our hot cocoa rest stop.

Traci before we took off with little goody bags they made up. I missed that day to help out. 

After the ride Santa was in the kitchen for the kids to take pictures with. 

My two "Carol" friends. 

Done until next year. Hard to believe Christmas is this weekend.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

it is hard to believe Xmas is this weekend!!

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