Sunday, December 18, 2016

Matthew's Wedding

Yesterday we went to Matthew's wedding. Matthew is my friend Lupe's son. He is about the same age as Jessica. The two of them and a couple of Matthew's cousins were all in Jessica's kindergarten class so that is how long I have known him.

Dang kids are all growing up on us! Matthew is in the Navy and is stationed in Guam. Him and his girl Janet actually got married earlier this month but they had a reception locally for his side of the family (and friends) to come to.

Mother-son dance

We spent most of the time hanging out with Dawn and Lishia talking at the table. Here's a few pictures we took of each other at the photo area 

Here is Matt's cousin, one of my "girl scouts" and her adorable baby boy. 

Next time I see him he'll probably be 10 lol. Kids grow up so fast! We begged off a little early from the party and went home and got in bed to watch Netflix. That's a sure sign I'm getting old. Or just really busy ;)

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