Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Yes I'm just now posting about Thanksgiving at my brother Louie's house!

Had to make my Peanut butter pie for my brothers. (picture turned itself, I hate when they do that)

Vincent. Destroyer of things.

My sister in law Michele decorated the back porch area. It was so pretty! She did a great job.

Kids table but they all ended up sitting at the big table with us when we ate.

Pictures around the table. Tony & Trevor 

Ava, Adrian, Joe & Maegen

Joe and Maegen

Charly (Maegen's dad), Melissa and Emma

Louie, Michele and Vincent

Howard, Me and Scott

Mom and Dad

Mom & Emma bonding over coloring

Melissa and her pile of girl cousins

My friend Janice from elementary-high school was visiting in Stockton. She lives in Canada now. I had meant to try and get together with her earlier in the week but we were so busy. I had sent her a message asking if she was busy and she came over with her aunt. I had not seen her since high school so just a few years!

Here is our group family picture that Michele took with her remote! Turned out pretty well :)

Dinner and all the desserts were fantastic. I was so full I had to go home and go to bed lol. Time to get back to more exercise and less food soon I think! 

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

"less food ..soon" that made me giggle. I feel so awful I have not been eating clean and I'm actually ready to go back on the wagon. BUT a few more cocktails first. :-)

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