Sunday, January 20, 2019

Reno, Continued

OK here we go, I'm up early (kind of) on Sunday before all the kids start sucking up the wifi lol.

So anyhow, headed home from RENO! We are driving along and some people are putting their chains on. It starts to get where a lot of people are putting them on so we pull over and Scott puts them on (thank God we bought them!) We then continue to drive for awhile thinking we didn't really need to put them on yet and maybe he should take them off. But then we get to a point where there are some people without chains and they are all over the road and we are like whew, so glad we had them on.

And then the traffic just stops. It creeps along every so often but for the most part we are just sitting. We saw these people in front of us throw trash out the window and then later saw it was a diaper. So gross.

creeping a long. Stuck between 2 exits. Somewhere in here we pulled over and got out and peed on the side of the road (with a blanket between the doors)

Sitting some more. This cop comes through with his sirens blazing. No one can move. Siren keeps going off.  We were actually behind the truck and got inched over because he pushed a car towards us. He finally got out and walked up and made everyone move a couple inches so he could get through. While he was doing that the truck backed up and either almost hit the car we moved for or DID hit the car we moved for, not entirely sure but I was really glad we weren't behind it at that point.

Hours later. Dreaming of Taco Bell. We were like it's only .6 miles. I could so walk that and walk back and you'd probably still be sitting here. The traffic would move a couple feet and we'd be like well maybe it's going to move. 

Here's where we were sitting. Notice all the closed roads. Somewhere in here I climbed in the backseat of the car and peed in a Wendy's cup.  Apparently my bladder holds a small Wendy's beverage.

Finally 7-8 hours later they let us get off the freeway. They won't let us turn to the right. We go left, can't make another left to go to Taco Bell lol but they make us get BACK ON THE FREEWAY going back the other direction. This is where Scott loses his shit. He gets back off the freeway at the next exit where we know there is food (he's for sure going to fade away at this point, he'd make a horrible contestant on Survivor). We get off the freeway and once again the traffic is stopped. Scott gets OUT OF THE CAR lmao so I go around to take the wheel as he walks to Shell station. Apparently he yelled at the guy at the front of the line who was holding up traffic and got him to move. 

I drove along and he waved at me not to turn into the shell station road so I went up one further to go to the grocery store parking lot. I'm so glad we had been in this shopping center several times on our way to go camping.  I hit a bump and all the snow that had accumilated on the top of the car fell on the windshield. I made it into the parking lot and cleaned the windshield off then moved the car to a better parking spot. 

Eventually Scott came back with some beef jerky lol. Personally I would have walked a tiny bit farther and went to McDonald's. 

So the parking spot was right by a Pizza place. We got in and of course a long line to be seated. I was like can I order before I sit? She said no. I'd have to order it to go. So I did. I went to go to the bathroom and wahaaalaa there was a bar! So I sat at the bar and we had a pitcher of beer and I inhaled this small loaf of bread almost entirely by myself. We ate almost a whole pizza. Diet Schmiet. 

We knew we would be sleeping in the car. There was no where to stay and we were not going to drive back to Reno. I'm glad I threw a bunch of blankets in there and my pillow.  We went overt to CVS and the grocery store looking for hand warmers but they didn't have any. We didn't really need them anyways, the car was plenty warm enough with our body heat.

Plus, I never really slept haha. I'd maybe doze off for a couple minutes then I'd wake up. There was a snow plow going in the parking lot ALL NIGHT LONG. I was pretty pissed when I woke up and the parking lot wasn't spic and span. Like what was he really doing? Just keeping me awake with his jingly bell sounding snow plow.

When we were both fully awake we attempted to park closer to Starbucks in the same parking lot which just ended up me yelling at Scott to stop yelling. Finally parked and then we got into Starbucks to wait in the long line to use the bathroom.  We got 2 large coffees then I checked the only thing that seemed to be updating and it said the road was open. So we jumped in the car and we were off.

We got up to right before the exit we were sent off of the night before when the traffic stopped again. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Thankfully after about 10 minutes they finally let us through.

Up and over the mountain

I've never been so glad to NOT see snow lol. Obviously we are flat landers and do not usually deal with the snow and it's probably safe to say we will NEVER go to Reno in the winter again!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Holy shit what a trip from hell huh?
I'm glad you are all safe, warm and home now.
I felt like that when I lived in Seattle. Only 1 way to get to where my sister lives on the other side of the state, I-90 and over the Snoqaulmie pass. We got stuck like this one time when we went over there for Thanksgiving. NEVER did that again!!!
You don't realize how many times you need the toilet until there is none.

Annsterw said...

Holy moly!! What a horrible drive!! I hunkered down for the weekend and we hardly got anything! It was bizarre!! Glad you get home safely at least...wowsa - what a weekend!!! I was cracking up with your comment about Scott and Survivor...I have often thought the same thing about me...I am not good without food! HA!

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