Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Skinnytaste Chicken Cacciatore Instant Pot

Oh my gosh I'm so tired but I'm waiting for my little quiche cups I need for breakfast to get done cooking before I can go to bed.

I like cooking and doing meal prep but it's a bit exhausting. And the dishes! I washed dishes three times tonight.

Tonight I cooked in my Instant Pot again. I made the Skinnytaste Chicken Cacciatore, but doubled it. I wasn't sure if I should use 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes for one recipe or if it was saying to use the whole can. Just in case I added another cans worth of pasta sauce since that's all I had that was similar. There was a ton of liquid when I was done so it would have been ok with just the one can.

The meat was fantastic and just fell off the bones. I had it over a bit of rice. After I took this picture I took the bones out and it was all shredded pretty and added a bit more of the sauce. Yum!

ok my little quiche cups are done. I need to put them away so I can go to bed. I'm still trying to recover from sleeping in my car on Sunday night. Story to come soon!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

JULIE do you make the quiche cups in a cupcake tin with no crust?
I do that all the time. I make them mexican, regular quiche, just all kinds. Rick loves them in his lunch. I understand what you mean about doing this in advance. While it is wonderful at the end there are so many dishes and I am whipped out.

Annsterw said...

So you appear to be loving you InstaPot!?! That chicken looks amazing! YUMMY! I cannot wait for the story of sleeping in your car...for me it would be spending the night (no sleeping) in my car but I have a tiny Civic - HA!

Laurie said...

My gosh, I haven't read your blog in ages! I just remembered you had one. Hi!

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