Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

I worked all day on New Years Eve. The other agency at work got sent home on Furlough so we are the last agency standing.

After work I went home and took a nap haha. Then made some little salami cream cheese pepper roll ups and got my self ready to go.

I worked the "pull tabs" table along with Sheryl to the right of me in the pic. Scott, my friend Cassi and Jess sat with us too.

I won one of the big prizes on the pull tabs, $25 woohoo lol. Not too shabby for a .25 card!

Jess spent most of the time with her light up hoop. She is getting really good at it and now has an 80 year old stalker who kept video'ing her the whole time haha.

The lip sync contest was funny! Dinner was good with a ton of (potluck) food. I ended up working the cake booth too when that was going.  We stayed all night and closed down the bar at 1 I think! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Happy New Year.
You always do some fun stuff.
I am your boring blogger friend. :-)

Annsterw said...

That sounds like a great New Years!!! How awesome that you won!!! I tried to pass some of my luck your way and it appears to have worked! I have none left here and you made a $24.50 profit!!! It can only get better from there too!!!! I hope you have a terrific year filled with love and blessings!!! Annster's Domain

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