Sunday, December 30, 2018

Insta Ready

I got an Instant Pot from my mom for Christmas. Mostly because she made me go shopping with her for my present and I couldn't think of anything else to get lol. My mom likes us to have something to open so she doesn't like gift cards and promises to go on a road trip. My buddies have Instant Pots so I was like heyyy I know what you can get me.

So here we are. Jessica kept telling me I was going to blow up so I was a bit nervous to use it for the first time. I joined a bunch of Facebook groups and read the whole instruction booklet (that's a first for me..). I did the water test and we didn't blow up! 

I had been craving this flu fighter soup and had most of the ingredients so I decided I'd start with that. The recipe is not made for InstaPot but I just modified it a bit and away we went.

Honestly though, it took the same amount of time it would have taken on the stove. I'm not completely sold yet lol. I did make the noodles separately on the stove since one recipe I was looking at said to do it that way for their soup. I added them in when it was done. 

My friend said I could have added them on the "saute" mode after but I think that would have done the same thing since it was already boiling hot.

I should probably go to the grocery store today but I don't really want to. I work tomorrow and then we have the party. I want to get my food stuff for my menu I made for the rest of the week. Time to get back to cooking every day and stop eating out so much. 

I have my whole grocery list made so that part is done. I'm going to add in the calorie counts on my spread sheet after I make them. I wish I had saved all my meals with calories from when I was hardcore lol. I'm going to save my weeks menus so I can just tweek them a bit and rotate them I think. That's the plan Stan!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My friends are ape shit over their instant pot. They're always telling me about these fab meals in 30 minutes. There are instant pot cookbooks for help to get started. enjoy!!

Annsterw said...

Good for you for the healthy, eating in meal planning! I need that this year too!!! I cannot wait to hear how you like the Instpot. I jumped on the Airfryer bandwagon right away and I am still not totally sold on it so I was not about to jump on another. Keep me posted and if you think it is a great deal I will consider it! HA!

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