Monday, December 3, 2018

Santas Coming To Town Craft Fair & Sierra High Holiday Boutique

Hey I finally did an event INSIDE! Well actually my 2nd but this one was more of a normal even than that other sip and shop one. 

This was put on by the same people that do the movie theater events I've been doing but I think it used to be ran by someone else and she took over. It was almost all handmade stuff which was nice. I like those events a lot better since the people who come to shop know that they are there for handmade items. 

They supplied one 8' table but my table clothes are made to fit my 6' tables so I just used my own. I did the same zig zag set up as last time. It worked pretty well in this environment too. 

I kind of forgot about having to decorate a bit for Christmas so I just pulled out those little Christmas fabrics to put on the table. Ah good enough lol.

Here's my usual stuff on the tables all set up. I actually made $25 while I was setting up so that was nice. It was pretty busy for the first couple hours and then it slowly died down to NOTHING for the last 2 hours. Talk about boring. I need to start bringing a book or something. Crocheting works good too but how many scarves do I need lol.

Me and "Santa". This guy and his boyfriend/husband not sure if they are married are my favorite customers. They are so much fun and get excited about my stuff every time. I'm wearing my cute pug ugly Christmas sweater my friend got me. Sadly a couple pom poms fell off already. I have one to sew back on.

It's weird how at some events some things sell more than others. I sold 2 key chains, a few wine totes, a few tissue packs and then the rest of my sales were the mug cozies and sunglasses holders. People love those things for some reason!  I've sold about all the cute wine totes. I should probably make some more for my next event in 2 weeks. I'm glad I have this next weekend off with nothing to do other than a Christmas party at my friends house. 

When I got home I took about an hour and did nothing. Then I made a Warriors Wine Tote someone ordered from me forever ago and I needed to get finished. A late night picture.

Then I worked on another project for a girl at work but I've just about effed that up into tear apart mode so no picture of that yet. I gave up and went to bed about 11:30.

This morning I woke up with my eye swollen a bit and feeling funky. Hopefully I didn't pick up pink eye at Robert's birthday party on Saturday (post coming soon!)

EDITING To add a 2nd indoor craft fair at Sierra High School 12/16/18. This was a great craft show and I had a fantastic spot on a first row corner. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It is interesting to see what sells where isn't it?
Good luck with that eye situation.

Annsterw said...

Those coozies are cute! I see people here at work with them on their mugs all the time! I agree about the handmade is frustrating when so many show up at a craft show and just re-sell market products! Those key fobs are really handy too!!! I am impressed with all the time you dedicate to attending craf6t shows! So glad you are making money that makes it worth it!

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