Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Robert's 8th Birthday

I can't believe Robert is 8 already. Time sure does fly. My mom threw him a party at Sky Zone. I have never been there but my kids have.  I only took Trevor with me since my girls had to work.

Robert is wearing the bright yellow shirt in the middle here

Getting a little help to get out lol

Trevor, Tony and Adrian

After the hour was over we went into the party room for lunch and cupcakes

Dad and brothers like clones lol

3 nieces in a row!

Every single present had Legos in it, I guess we all thought alike!

After wards my mom, Tony, Trevor and I went shopping for our Christmas presents from my mom. I couldn't think of anything I wanted but finally found a couple things (she won't take I don't want a gift for an answer). Trevor picked something out and Tony went to 58 stores looking for a pair of shoes. After we were done shopping he found some online...

We ended up going to the Mongolian BBQ in Stockton for dinner. We go to the one in Tracy all the time but this one was kind of dirty. I thought for sure my parents would tuck tail and run but they ate it lol. So far Scott and I like the Tracy one the best. That one is pretty clean and more comfy.  Trevor decided to spend the night at my mom's so he could go to the Gingerbread party (I didn't know about it until after I had booked my event), so I came home by myself. Mom was nice enough to bring him home the next day. Always nice to not have to drive to Stockton 2 days in a row!
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Annsterw said...

Looks like a great family event!! Happy birthday Robert! I would love to check out one of those places some time - they look so fun but I think it would be creepy if I do not take a kid with me! LOL!!! I have never heard of that restaurant but isn't it weird how the same restaurant chain can be so very different at the different locations?!?! Crazy!

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