Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Random Picture Day

I told myself I was just going to get on the computer for a little bit and start dinner at 6:00 but it's now 6:30 so we know that was a lie lol.

But my bills are paid and my pictures are a bit more organized on my computer now.

What is it about little boxes that are so hard to throw away. I started to, paused, then later threw it away lol. It WAS broken after all.

Scott makes breakfast every weekend. This is what happens when he watches football while he makes breakfast lol.

We've basically been storing this car for free for years now. YEARS. I am tempted to go do a lien on it and put it in MY name since no one else will do anything about it. The other day I came home and one of the stray cats jumped out of the tail light. I sent this to Scott lol.

A girl at work decorated her cube. I'm so jealous it's like a fort at work. (also that was my desk years ago lol)

I love this picture 

Tacos from the place down the street from work the other day. So yummy.

Jess is working at a card room type casino now. She got this for a tip yesterday.

Got this enormous box of office supplies I ordered the other day.

Which could have fit into an envelope.

Ok now to go throw some shit in the oven. Happy Tuesday Evening!

EDITING to add a few more random pictures

This is Daniel's Birthday Dinner 12/6/18 at Pete's Brewhouse in Manteca

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hope you meant oven. :-)
Nice tip.
You are nice to store that heap. I am not sure I would have done it for years. a bit, but not YEARS.
I too like the fort. Can you imagine if Rick came home and saw my office like that? I may have to do it. :-)

Annsterw said...

Wow! You covered a lot of info in that post! HA! I love that tip Jess got...maybe I need to get a part time job at the casino near me! WOW! That is awesome! It is sweet that the kitties have a nice place to chill with a roof over their heads at least! LOL! You should definitely be charging storage fees though! That's the difference in having a family - you are expected to cook dinner and I just make a P&J for my dinner! HA! It is really nice that Scott makes breakfast though!

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