Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mourning Day

Well I feel a bit rude but I'm super happy to have the day off today. I was pretty young when George Bush was president so I don't really have any opinions on how well of one he was. Of course it's still sad he died but at least he was old and lived a long life!

My friend Traci's brother in law Dave passed away this week and he was just early 60's and that is just so sad. He had just retired and moved out here to be closer to his brother Tom who tragically died in his 50's. It's all just so sad I can barely handle it.

My best friend Dee's daughter Miranda had to have her baby at 34 weeks yesterday morning.  I think she had preeclampsia from what it sounds like. After she had the baby via c section she had to get a magnesium treatment so she wasn't going to be able to be with the baby for 24 hours. The baby is of course in the NICU.

Look how adorable little Lyla is

She is just 3.5 pounds. Hopefully she will be able to go home for Christmas!

A coworker asked me to make her a diaper/wipes bag and gave me some dimensions. Man I fought with that thing and finally made it "good enough". I need to find a pattern for doing boxed bags to make the top corners correctly. Most of the ones I found had the top fabric go over the side about half way. The girl was thrilled with it so hey, it's ok lol. I love this fabric, so cute. (from Joanns)

I keep telling myself I need to be productive today and work on cleaning up some of my crap around here. So far I've cleaned out my purse. That's a start right?

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Annsterw said...

Love that fabric - it is super cute for a diaper bag! You really are super talented even if you don't admit it!!!!! That little one is adorable - I have never met a baby I did not like!

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