Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disappointing Sunday

Well today I got pretty much nothing done. I watered out front and messed around a bit. I was hoping to work on the framing up of the yard but Scott said he felt "sick". I think he's faking it so he doesn't have to help me today.

Then I had to drive Jessica to town and when I got back my Mom had called freaking out that there was a fire on the levee by her house so I went over there. I ended up staying there almost all day. The fire was a ways down from her (she is RIGHT next to the levee) and they were having a hard time getting a fire truck back to the area where the fire was. One got stuck in the sand even! Eventually they had a helicopter come with the big water bucket thing and it would scoop up the water and dump it on the fire. I think it's pretty much out now, thank God! All the grass is so dry and it wouldn't have taken long for the fire to spread all the way down if it wasn't for the awesome fire fighters.

Around 3:30 I went home and my mom came over not long after to get her dogs that she had brought over here. She invited us to come over and have dinner later but needed to go to the store so I went with her and then we picked up Jessica from her friend's house on the way back. Went over to Mom's and now the day is over!

I took pics on my mom's camera so I'll share as soon as I get her card from her and load it on my computer.Pin It


Chris H said...

It wasn't dissapointing, just different from what you wanted to do! Your yard will still be there tomorrow, waiting for you to overhaul it!

Julie H said...

Oh I know but now I can't do what I wanted to do TODAY because that wasn't done yesterday lol.

~Sheila~ said...

Your mom must have been really scared. It is really dry around here and I'm surprised we don't have crazy out of control fires like Cali.

Glad the fire is out.

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