Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No free babysitting tonight

So it's Wednesday.

The last two Wednesdays my Mom has volunteered to take my kids for the day, let them spend the night and had me pick them up Thursday around dinner time.

This week?

No mention of taking the kids. They must have worn her out the last two times I'm thinking. Although my nephew didn't come over so my brother must have taken him to her house. So she still has one.

Is anyone else amazed at how difficult it is for your parents to watch the kids?

My house: me doing whatever while the kids do whatever

Mom's house: mom sitting there jumping up everytime the kids need anything, including a drink of water and washing their hands.

She keeps telling me that things change when you get older and it's more difficult, but I'm thinking it's just a control thing.


Guess I'll find out eventually.Pin It


Anonymous said...

I can so relate! I keep telling my mom it's so much easier to take both kids than just one b/c they entertain each other. She doesn't believe me. Not that she takes them very often, but sometimes in the summer she'll take one for a few days in the motorhome.

I hope I'm a good grandma.


Susie said...

My mom almost never watches my kids, and she lived (until 2 weeks ago) just a block away! Even when my kids were little she maybe watched them 2 times a year! So please no whining!!

TuTu's Bliss said...

My mom would take my kids forever and never give them back. She says it's easier because she has more patience now that she's older. But she is an ocean away and heart broken that I took her babies to Hawaii. I'll never live that one down ;( Stopping in from SITS. Hugs, Jen

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