Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Club For March

Well book club for March was my pick and at my house. I picked

Which I had read in high school english class. Pretty much all I remembered from school was the turtle, the dog, and the very end of the book.

This time around I was shocked to see the parallels of this day and age and just how bad it "could" get. Thank God we aren't there yet (at least for me).

Not everyone read the book. A few ladies watched the movie. It was probably the longest discussion we've had at book club that actually pertained to the book so I think it was a good (although LONG) pick!

The lady that has book club next month picked this book:

Seriously? I'm so not reading that. Nothing like pushing politics on a bunch of people. Book club should be fun stuff to read.

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Sara Strand said...

Girl- kudos for remembering that much from The Grapes of Wrath. HAHA! :) A really good book I read in high school which I still to this day adore is Fahrenheit 451. It is SUCH a good book and highly recommend it for anyone. Movies were lame, but the book was just remarkable.

And yeah- skip that next one. Why are people so lame like that??

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