Wednesday, April 21, 2010

O'Neal I love you!

Did you all watch the Biggest Loser last night?

I was crying early on when O'Neal was doing the push ups like the "young guys". I was thinking


Look at how far he has come!!

And then, when he fell during the challenge, I was like OMG!! I thought for sure he hurt his head, got a concussion or something. I was really hoping that wasn't going to take him out of the game. I mean he was doing SO WELL!! And where the hell was the guy that was supposed to be holding his rope??

I was glad he came back so quickly from the hospital with minor injuries.

But then his brother died. How sad!!! Poor guy!! It's like when life hits you it has to hit you HARD. Much like real life I suppose. I'm glad the trainers worked with him a lot with trying to help him work through his grief. When he broke down I was in full on crying mode.

I'm so glad he didn't end up under the yellow line!

What did you think about the show?
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1 comment:

Mary~Momathon said...

Why on earth did they have them on a belay line if they were just gonna let the guy fall? Some safety that is! This show is gonna kill somebody one of these days. Glad O'Neal is ok!

I wasn't surprised that Victoria went home. She doesn't have the ganas that the others have.

Can't wait for the finale! This season has been BIG!

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