Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crooked Trees

Yesterday I went to Home Depot on my lunch break to pick up some tree stakes. My mom had given me a few little trees that had come up in her yard (Privets, the same as what I have on the side of the house) and I planted some in my yard and 3 in the empty lot next to us. (I checked with the lady that "owns" it and she didn't care) I still have one left that I will probably just give it to the neighbor if I don't kill it first.

Hopefully the ones I planted will take

I also pulled out the crooked stake and the one that came with the tree on my leaning tree. I couldn't put one back since I'm not tall enough. I'm thinking I might just leave it out and see what happens. Normally the wind blows to the left and that's the way the trees lean around here. I'm thinking mother nature might straighten it out.

This one is crooked at the base, probably should have paid more attention to that when I bought it. Not quite sure what to do about that one either.
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Chris H said...

Here in New Zealand a privet is a noctious weed and is banned from being planted! It causes allergies in lots of people, sneezing, hay fever etc. I am amazed you are planting them! But ... each to their own. Oh and they grow like weeds too.

Bella said...

I say that you leave both trees alone and whichever way they lean is up to nature. I think it will add character and interest to your garden to not have either tree "perfect."

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