Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy busy weekend

This weekend just flew by! I think we need to make the weekends a lot longer!

Friday night I went out with some girls from work. We started off by all meeting at the one gals house. She made us dinner and we got a ride down to the "cowboy bar". I pretty much spent the whole night with a drink in one hand and dancing my ass off. It was AWESOME.

Saturday I woke up (still at the friends house) and waited around for everyone to wake up so I could get some asprin and coffee. Eventually I had both and was on my way home. My nephew's birthday party was at 2 and we all made it there. The kids all had a great time playing with Nerf guns. They didn't need any organized activities, just played for HOURS. I of course spent most of the day playing with my adorable niece! We discovered that she loved drinking water out of my glass and spent most of the day "having sips".  In the evening we left the kids there for a bit and went and bought a new computer (ours died last weekend) and then did a bit of Christmas shopping. This is the hardest year ever to buy stuff. Everyone has so much crap already and I'm tired of buying stuff that doesn't get used. Anyhow, we managed to spend about $400. YIKES. Didn't buy much just "something" and some accessories that is all going to be from Santa for everyone I think.  Just need to get a couple things to wrap for everyone after payday and we'll call it done.  We got back from shopping and hung out with my brother and sil for awhile and then left to go home.

Not too long after we left we had a car behind us driving totally aggressive, even honking at us for stopping at a stop sign. We got on the freeway and the guy in the other car at one point pointed at us through his open passenger door window and continued to go slow and speed up trying to get us to be next to him. It was rather scary and we decided to call 911. I just said that I wanted to report a drunk driver. We never saw a cop but eventually the guy took an off ramp. Scott kept asking if he had cut the guy off or something. I hadn't been paying attention so I really didn't have any idea.

This morning I woke up and had to drive back to pick up Trevor since he spent the night. I swung by the grocery store and picked up a little plant and a gift card, got home and got everyone and then we went to my dads for an early Christmas celebration. They had finger foods and a Wii game and that's what they all did for the whole afternoon.

I've spent my evening trying to recreate my checkbook and bills  on my computer. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything important!

Blah already back to work tomorrow. I'm glad it's a short week!Pin It

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a weekend.

I'd cross that person off my friend list for sure!

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