Saturday, September 3, 2011

Costco, not for whimps

So the funniest thing happened yesterday. After I got home from work I plopped down on the couch and I was reading my book and they made mention of nachos. Umm nachos sounded good. I told Jess she should go to the store and get us stuff to make nachos. We always get the nacho stuff at Costco so she took my Costco card (she uses it all the time) and her sister and they were off. Not too long later is started getting messages.

Jess: Do we need like water or anything?
Me: No
Jess: Toilet paper?
Me: Dunno
Me: you can get some
Jess: ok
Jess: we have sour cream right?
Me: a little

Then she calls me. Apparently when she went to check out they looked at the Costco card, which of course,  was mine. The lady told her she couldn't use my card and took the groceries away! I was like well you can just go to the regular grocery store. She's like, no, I'm just going to go   and get it all again since I know where it's all at. I'm like, well, ok, you can try it. Just go to the self check out.

Me: Don't get anything big and hopefully they won't come over-like tp
Jess: ok
Me: Tell them you're mom is sick and cry a little

Jess: gonna sue cause the cart keeps shocking me me really bad
Jess: like my fingers hurt because it keeps doing it
Me: it's your shoes
Jess: yea but still.  Make a friggen cart that isn't going to hurt people. What if I was diabetic and had to prick my fingers all the time.
Jess: I'm serious. it's stupid

a bit later

Jess: Leave it to Melissa to drop sour cream all over the floor
Me: Please not at the check out right?
Jess: Yeah but I had already paid so they brought another one.
Me: Did the lady run after you and take the groceries back?
Jess: No aha. There's a cute guy who works the Verizon booth and he saw me come back in with a new cart and he was like "round 2?" aha
Me: It's like a sitcom
Me: Crying... so funny

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