Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stories From My Father In Law

Last week we went over to my in-laws for dinner.  While we were there my father in law started telling me a story. He's 82.

I've been around for 19 years so I've heard almost all the good stories. Sometimes several times and usually once they get going they keep on with the story even though I tell them "oh yeah I remember you telling me that". Then my eyes kind of glaze over while they finish it up.

But this was a new story. When my father in law was a young man he worked for a farmer on a farm. He said that the farmer had told him that sometimes the calves get bloat. When that happens the calf will let you know. He said that the farmer told him when that happens to pour some kerosene down the calf's mouth.

At this point I'm thinking "kerosene? isn't that kind of dangerous?"

So one day he said he was walking in the field and this calf comes running up to him crying "baawwww baaawwww" so he got some kerosene and poured it down the calf's mouth and then it let a tremendous BURRRPPPP. And then it ran away all better.

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

He said one time it was too late for the kerosene. Apparently a cow got into some clover and that caused the gout. The farmer showed him how to take his knife and where to stick a knife in the cows side to let out the air. He said he could never do that, didn't even want to try, but it worked!

Of course I'm thinking this all sounds kind of crazy but I forgot about it until this morning when for some reason it popped into my mind and I decided to look it up. And what does the internet tell me?

Many years ago my Dad raised cattle and one batch of calves were having a lot of problems with bloat. 3or 4 every day were getting it and it was quite an expense to get a vet to come out. One day the vet's assistant came and told us how to stop the problem. 2 tablespoons of kerosene in a coke bottle full of milk. Mind you Coke came in 8 ounce bottles then. You have to force it down them but presto the bloat is gone. Its easier on the calf than an incesion. These calves were on shelled corn with hay and pasture. Shelled corn will cause bloat quicker than ground shelled corn and the best (if available) is ground ear corn. The cob in this keeps them from gorging on too much protein. Starting out you must limit protein intake.

-- Dave, February 09, 2002.

And quite a few others. Guess it was a common practice back in the "good ole days"!Pin It

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I have heard that before!!


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