Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Vintage Sheets Baby Shower Bunting Banner

I finished my vintage sheet banner I've been working on. It's for the baby shower I'm throwing for sister in law. Thanks to all the Pinterest pinning I've got so many ideas! I think it turned out rather cute. I actually ended up making three since that was how many triangles I made. I didn't calculate ahead of time how many I needed and just dove in. I ended up with three-three yard lengths so I'll have a lot to decorate with!

Of course the lighting isn't great because it's almost 10 at night but I can't wait to share :) It's much longer than what I'm showing but I don't have a big enough area to show the whole thing.

The prints are vintage sheets and the gingham was a round table cloth someone attempted to make and then donated to Goodwill.

I sewed two pieces wrong sides together, used pinking shears on the edges and then sewed them together with pre-packaged bias tape and lace.

I just love this sweet print. I think they will be a fun decoration for the baby shower.
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