Friday, September 2, 2011

Going Cone-Less!

So Buster has spent quite a bit of time looking like this lately. About three months give or take a week or so when he was all healed up before he got in another fight.

Lately he's been scratching that cone ALL NIGHT LONG.

Scratching plastic.
With his nails.

skritch skritch skritch skirtch

It's made for some very sleepless nights.

And my eye started twitching.

The other day after work, he was scratching my eye was twitching, and I couldn't take it any longer.

I checked out his neck and decided that it was HOPFULLY healed enough to take the flipping cone off because


And I can't find any tape to hold my eye lid down.

I took the cone off and he instantly scratched under his chin.
It was so funny to see his eyes when he realized that

OMG I can scratch it finally!!
Then he groomed himself for like 3 days.

He feels much better now.

And I have actually slept a bit. I'm still tired and my eye still twitches a bit but hopefully the three day weekend will take care of that.

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