Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating Out

So my husband is addicted to some car building game, "Car Town" on Facebook. He's playing it when I go to bed and he's playing it when I get up in the morning. I think I felt him come to bed at some point last night.

That would contribute to my lack of photos the last couple days. Trevor went home with my Mom on Easter so I have this little bit of freedom because everyone else is old enough to take care of themselves. Yesterday I hit the thrift store on the way home until I needed to pick up Melissa from the mall.

I picked her up and realized I don't really need to cook dinner (Jess went to my Mom's in the afternoon too). It was just the two of us and Scott is usually more than happy to pick something up for himself on the way home from work.

We headed over to Applebees, which had the smell of construction zone going for it. It didn't take me long to realize that they had removed all the "fun" stuff off the walls and replaced the stained glass lights for something more modern. They obviously weren't finished with the remodeling and I can't help but hope that they put something else "fun" up on the walls. Otherwise it's just another boring restaurant, right?

This was my first time eating at Applebees since I started counting calories. We decided on the 2 for $20 entrees with the mozzarella sticks for an appetizer. Did you know that each stick is over 100 calories? Without dipping it in ranch! Yeah, so I didn't eat those. For my meal I got the steak with double veggies. It was delicous and I didn't have to feel guilty about what I ate.

When I was driving home I remembered that I had made plans with a neighbor to go have a drink and hang out for a bit. Good thing I didn't eat those cheese sticks! I had just enough calories left for 2 glasses of wine!

I have NOTHING on the schedule for today after work. Perhaps I should list some stuff on Etsy since it's taking over my bedroom!Pin It

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