Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrapbooking Weekend

Friday I dusted off my scrapbooking stuff and packed up a bit of it to go scrapbooking. My cat was thoroughly confused as to why I was moving his bed aka my rolling tote. Lucky for him I decided not to take it with me so his sleeping spot was safe.

While I was getting ready I realized I only had about ten pictures developed to work on so I sent a bunch over to Walgreen's to get printed out with their one hour service. That's my new favorite place to go. They are always having sales. Over 400 pictures for $40. Not too shabby.

They got done just in time for me to get over to my friends house. Four of us met up and went together. We met up with one other gal when we got there.

We got checked into our hotel, which is their least favorite hotel in the area. They had confirmed over the phone that we could have 5 people in a room with a roll-away. When we got there they said that they didn't have ANY roll away beds, and that they could not put 5 people in a room. They tried offering us a room for 4 people and we kept wondering what they thought the other person was going to do? Eventually they gave us two rooms with a little discount but not much. I felt kind of bad since they usually only have 4 people and I messed up the system! It wasn't too bad though since it only came out to $22 a person, not bad for a night away.

After that we went over to the scrapbook store where they were holding the free crop. I swear there are hardly any scrapbook stores left anymore. This store seems to do most of its business by these kits that they make up. Mostly Disney. People pay $25 for a two page layout. I don't think I could put them in a book for that much. They'd have to be framed on the wall. I can hardly bring myself to pay over $1 for a sheet of paper. (yes I'm cheap thrifty)

We got our stuff brought in and then went to dinner. I had thought we were going to go to Subway but we ended up going to Mexican food. I think I read the menu about 500 times trying to decide what was going to be the least damaging to my diet. I finally settled on a taco salad and didn't eat the fried bowl. Mostly lettuce. Then we went back and there was a table full of snacks. I bagged all mine up and set them out of sight.

We stayed and scrapped until our time was up (midnight) and then went back to our dive motel. We had a smoking room since that was all we could get and it smelled REALLY bad. Sadly we couldn't get the window open so my friend sprayed body spray all over the room.

On the way there she had kept asking us if we were going to get kinky with her tonight. We all thought she was nuts and were like um no!?! Not something you want to do when you are sharing a bed with someone. But when we got back to the hotel room we found out what she was talking about. She had bought us each a little bottle of this Kinky flavored vodka. I have to say it was pretty delicious. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a large bottle.

She also brought a bottle of Hot Damn for some shots and little plastic bathroom cups. Like a Girl Scout, always prepared. We all posed with the Hot Damn. So silly. Felt like a kid. Guess it's good to feel that way sometimes. 

If you want to tell me how much thinner I look I'll love you forever. 

Next time I'm packing some Jack and Coke. Less calories, bigger punch :wink:

My friend had also brought a bottle of sparkling wine. Another gal was sitting on the edge of the bed unwrapping it when BOOOOOOMMMMM!!! The cork flew out across the room, just missing a gal laying on the bed across from her and ricocheting off the ceiling. I screamed, not knowing where the gun shot came from (funny how that happens) and looked over to see everyone's shocked faces and the one gal getting wine spilled all over here and the white duvet cover. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Hopefully they can get that stain out and don't charge my friend's credit card for a new one! We never did drink that wine. My friend tasted it, declared it tasted like crap and tossed the rest down the sink.

After that excitement the other two girls went off to their room and we went to bed. With the TV on. I can't sleep with a TV on but didn't want to be rude so I just woke up about a million times in the night. I'm pretty sure I'm still carrying around that baggage under my eyes.

Up the next morning, packed back up, checked out. Went to Denny's for breakfast. I got the Fit Fare Veggie Skillet (only 330 calories). It was really good and very filling. Then we went to Starbucks which started off my slow slide into too many calories. Some gals decided not to eat lunch but were snacking snacking snacking so a few of us went and got lunch at Togo's. I got a Santa Fe Chicken Salad (370 calories). The girl kind of walked away when she made it so I didn't get a chance to tell her no crispy things on top. So I just ate them. It was huge and really good. I didn't use the dressing that came with it since it had enough avocado to make it have enough flavor.

We scrapped all day and then on the way home stopped at Outback. I got a Sirloin which would have been fine but instead of veggies got a sweet potato. Which took me over my calorie count for the day by like double. But I still did eat pretty healthy for two days away. Nothing like I would have ate in the past. I would have ate probably 4x the calories and all the little snacky things on the table so I 'm pretty proud of myself.

I had a nice little vacation. Now to put away the 10 loads of laundry I left. I was kind of hoping someone would put it away while I was gone but knew it would most likely be here when I got back. SURPRISE! Still here!Pin It


Anonymous said...

wow, I am very impressed with your will power! How many calories are you allowing yourself a day?

The scrap sounded like fun. I don't like to do that b/c there are so few people I want to hang with for that long (besides my family) and I snore so can't do overnights. kind of sucks! I have been scrapping our Smoky Mountains trip though.

Chris H said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, except for the crappy motel and the stink. I hate to say it... but I will... my laundry would have been folded and put away! lol

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