Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grocery Shopping Nightmare!

So I did a good one today.

Today is payday for both Scott and I. We both deposited our checks in the bank. I took the kids with me to Target to get a few things and then to the grocery store. I went to pay and it said insufficient funds.

Apparently we didn't have enough "available" funds to pay for the groceries. The kids had bagged it all up and had their snacks in their hands. I had to tell them to put them in the cart and then leave the cart.

I felt like such a heal!

They said they could hold my cart for me and I ran to the bank to figure out how to get enough "cash" to pay for everything. (That store doesn't take credit cards.)

 After about ten minutes I got enough cash from my various accounts and rushed back to the store, praying the whole time they hadn't put my two hours worth of shopping back on the shelf.

I ran back in and didn't see the cart.

An employee came over after a minute and said they had put it in the fridge. Whew!  That was a little too tight of a situation! Not to mention totally embarrassing! The lady was like, oh it happens all the time, don't be embarrassed.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It does happen. Last time we were at the store, the family ahead of us was short by $50, so we paid it and they wrote us a check (this store doesn't take checks). It was ni big deal and we were glad to help them. =)

michiganme said...

And sometimes banks don't post the deposits until the end of the business day...

Chris H said...

YIKES! How awful.
At least they put your trolley in the fridge.

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