Sunday, June 16, 2013

Audio Book Round Up

I've been doing a lot of audio book listening! Time to catch up on a few of my reviews.

Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

This book starts out with the yearly mother's day call from Mac. Mac has been missing for years but each year he calls his mother on Mother's day to tell her he's ok and not to go looking for him. Mac's sister listens in on this years call and she's PISSED. Why is he being so selfish? His yearly calls make her mother so upset. She can't move because if she does how will he get a hold of her? Mac's sister decides that she is going to figure out what the hell is going on on her own.

This was a pretty good story. Kept me guessing for quite awhile but I did figure most of it out before the end. A good murder mystery that keeps you wanting to read/hear more so you can find out what really happend.

At Risk by Patricia Cornwell

At Risk is the first book in a series. I just realized that. When I was listening to it it seemed like it was a book in the middle of a series and I thought that was why I was a little confused about all the relationships that the people had going on. Nope, it's just a bit confusing.

So the story goes that Win and his girlfriend of sorts are both taking some kind of forensic's training. While he's there he gets a call to go meet his boss and she gives him an assignment to figure out this 20 year old case. But while he's back in the area with his boss there is another crime that he walks into. While he's taking care of that his girlfriend is taking care of the 20 year old case.

While it's a bit confusing I really liked some bits of the story. I liked the boss lady's glass obsession. That sounded really awesome to see. I also really liked the whole Miss Dog part of the story and the Fortune telling Grandma.

Overall I think it was a good story but you might have to go back and reread/listen to a few parts to make sure you caught everything that was going on and how they work things out.

A Hole In The Universe by Mary McGarry Morris

For some reason I really liked this story. It's a bit slow but the story was very interesting to me.

Gordon has been in jail for 25 years. Upon his release the large framed 300 pound man goes back to his childhood home that his parents left to him after they died (while he was in jail). The neighborhood is no longer a nice place to live. It's been taken over by drug dealers.

His old lady neighbor of his childhood still lives next door but the rest of the neighborhood has just went to ruins. Across the street lives Jada who is a teenager and her crack head mother.

Gordon's brother is a total prick but is the only one left in his family. No matter what Gordon does he can't make his brother happy.

Delores, a girl he went to school with went to see him and wrote him letters the whole time she was in jail. Gordon has mixed feelings about Delores who just invites herself into his life.

The book is about all these characters and the struggle Gordon has trying to live his life in the simpliest way possible but everything keeps happening around him and he has to deal with things if he wants to or not.

 A Change In Altitude by Anita Shreve

This is one of those books that I feels like there is just too much information. Too much going on. Like cut it down about 100 pages and we can still have a good story.

Margaret and her husband Patrick are American's living in Kenya. The book starts off with them living with Diana and Arthur while their "cottage" they are renting from them is waiting for a plumber to come fix the toilet or something. While they are there Patrick informs her that they are going to go hike this local mountain. Margaret is like um well maybe I should go buy some hiking boots?

They go on their hike and  one thing leads to another and then their whole relationship (which didn't really seem that great to start with) seems to be thrown off kilter.

The story takes you on a year's journey through the life of Margaret while she tries to find herself. Overall it was a good story. Just a BIT long ;)

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