Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Progress June Goals

Well it's June 1st!!

Not going to lie I was dreading stepping on the scale, taking my measurements and pictures today. I haven't been very strict lately. I think I've had cake or some sort of sweets at least every day for the last week. HORRIBLE.

I was so hungry when I was training for my half I upped my calories and ate a lot more.

After my half I took a week off from scheduled exercising and only walked a couple times.
Well we did go on that big bike ride in that week though.
This week I've went out to run with the dog two times doing the first week of the couch to 5k.

Obviously I stopped doing the squat challenge before the month was over. It was making my legs really sore and I figured I should probably not do that with my half coming up so I stopped.

I was surprised when I took my measurements that everything is exactly the same. Guess I'm pretty good at maintaining. My weight up was up .4. It's been down over a pound from there most of the week so I'm doing ok!

May on the left June on the right

I ate about 1900 calories daily for the month of May.

Weight 153.8
neck 13
arm 10.5
thigh 19
chest 34.5
back 32.5
waist above button 31.35
at 32
below 32.5
hips 34.5


Starting Monday (too many parties this weekend), one clean meal every day (starting small)
Starting today Bikini Body Mommy work outs (will post more on this later)
Next Sunday is the Monster Ride, probably going to die
Need to pick a running race for the end of the month still, pending my not dying on the Monster Ride.
Get back to the gym at least T/Th, I haven't been there in about a month.
Continue running 3 days a week, M/W/F

Happy June!

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