Thursday, June 20, 2013

Climb That

Tomorrow's Friday WOOT WOOT seems like just yesterday I was thinking this was the longest week ever and now the weekend is almost here.

We just got home from the gym.

This thing?

Is a BEAST! I always see "antijared" posting pictures of himself on it doing something like an hour or two and 500 floors or something insane like that.

I made it 5 minutes before I begged off. That bitch is HARD.

This morning I couldn't even get out of my car without wincing because my ASS is so sore from Tuesday. I'm pretty sure that was due to the setting I had the elliptical on.

We've been doing great on our old schedule of working out again.

Monday Run
Tuesday Gym
Wednesday Run
Thursday Gym
Friday Rest
Sat & Sun Run and or Ride bikes

Of course Scott also rides his bike to and from the train station so he gets at least 10 miles of bike riding in during the week. I've been doing a little walk around the "block" at work which is about 2 miles depending on where I cut over. It kind of depends on what shoes I wear whether or not I want to walk along the railroad tracks. There are huge rocks the use to line it and those things hurt to walk over them if you are wearing sandals. Although I should just take one of my extra pair of tennis shoes that aren't good enough to run in anymore to work. Duh.

We'll see what we end up doing this weekend. If we wake up early enough we should go for our run. Scott has the big 60 minute run on his 5k-10k training. That will be followed by wedding gown shopping with my friend (I see martini's in my future!).

Sunday maybe a bike ride somewhere. Hopefully the wind will cooperate. If it's windy it's not worth going. The wind here is miserable coming off the Altamont.

In other news I finished listening to Julie & Julia today.

I saw the movie when it first came out in the theater with my girls. GREAT movie totally loved it. I expected the book to be a lot like the movie but it wasn't really. I still totally enjoyed it but it was just the Julie part of the story not the Julia. I like how they added that part into the movie.

I have to say listening to the book didn't make me hungry at all because nothing she described even sounded good! I think it's really cool to read about bloggers that really had something exciting come from their blog too! Here is her old blog, it took me awhile to find it.Pin It

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