Thursday, June 6, 2013

Working Out & Anniversary

After work yesterday I actually had the house to myself for awhile so I did Day 5 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. I'm a bit behind so I decided I'd just try and jump right in and then if I have time later I'll go back and do the make up ones.

It's been awhile since I've been to the gym or done anything besides running and boy oh boy did it show. I had to take a break between each set of these so I wouldn't die.

I was only smiling because I was finished and could lay on the floor for awhile!

Scott stopped at the store on the way home to get some stuff to make dinner and brought me some roses! He gave me a card too for our anniversary. It's today (the 6th) but he wanted to give them to me early. 

So pretty!

After dinner Scott and I went out for a run and took Rusty with us. We started out doing the couch to 5k w2 d2 but when it was done Scott was still doing his own program (5k-10k) so we kept running. Rusty did pretty good even with that extra ten minutes of straight running at the end. We could probably skip ahead a bit on the c25k program but it's kind of fun to do it and just run a little harder on the running parts.

I was telling Scott I had to find something to make running fun again. It had become more work than fun. This was actually the farthest I've ran since my half.

Last night the dog kept freaking out at the back door. I even got up once to see what he was barking about but didn't see anything. I heard some cats outside but didn't think much about it since we have a lot of strays outside and my cats are inside cats now.

Well imagine my surprise when I woke up to Buster beating on the back door for me to let him in. I went out the front door to look for Lucy since I figured they must have got out somehow (obviously) and noticed one of the screens knocked out a bit.  I looked around for her for awhile but couldn't find her.

After looking for her a bit I came in and tried on my wedding dress. I tried it on last summer or fall and I had quite a few inches too much of me to get it to zip up. Today? That zipper zipped! I was pretty darn excited because I really wasn't expecting it to fit.

It was a little goal of mine to be able to zip that zipper. Nice that twenty years later I can fit into it! Not the best pic but my bedroom is way too messy to use the full length mirror for a selfie and no one else was around to take one for me. You get the idea though. I sent Scott that pic and told him I was going to wear it all day. Sadly I had to go to work so I changed but wouldn't that be kind of fun? Just wear your dress around doing every day crap for a day? Not like it's probably ever going to be worn for anything else.

It's hard to believe it's our 20 year anniversary!! It's a miracle!! Just kidding! Although there were definitely some times where I would wonder if we were going to make it to the next year, this last year has been really great!

Well except the part where Scott got in a car accident, but the rest of it was good! We've really reconnected this last year. It helps to have stuff that we like to do together. We've definitely bonded by losing weight together, running and riding bikes.

 Scott put this sweet message to me on Facebook :)

We decided that we'd wait for our weekend trip to go out to dinner so as a present to him I made lasagna for dinner (his favorite). I'm so stuffed now. 

I'm debating on either going to the gym to use the elliptical or going out for a run as soon as my food settles. I need to do 45 minutes of cardio for my Bikini Body Mommy Challenge tonight. It's super hot today (90 at 8:00!). Running is winning since then I can just go to bed when I'm done!

I just went outside for a minute to get my audio CD out of the car and called for Lucy again. I found her! I'm so happy she looks to be just fine. Hopefully she's not knocked up. I'm so making her an appointment to get spayed next week. 

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Sarah said...

Happy anniversary!! I am happy you guys are finding that happy place that so many couples seek'

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