Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sick Little Boy

Trevor has been out of school all week. Monday morning he was whining that he "felt like death". I thought for sure he was faking it since he had had a busy weekend and maybe just needed one more day to relax. Well it's now Thursday and he has missed the whole week of school (they don't have school Friday). I took him to the doctor today to make sure that nasty sounding cough wasn't bronchitis.

I was totally shocked when they weighed him and he has lost about ten pounds from the last time we were there. I knew he was looking a lot thinner, especially in his face, but I thought he was just getting taller and thinning out. We haven't really been doing anything different I don't think. We don't eat out a lot and I don't buy a lot of unhealthy snacks but maybe we are doing those even less now than before.

We were waiting for the doctor for a little bit. Does he look dramatic here? He kept telling me to go find someone. For sure they must have forgot about us, and were the only ones here? Silly kid.

Seems like just yesterday he was an infant laying on that thing.

Anyhow, he was running a low fever so he's definitely not faking it (my oldest keeps saying he is faking it). I can tell just by looking at his eyes that he is sick too. The doctor said that his lungs sounded fine so probably just a virus.

Of course on the way home my throat was starting to feel scratchy and my nose was a little running. I downed an Emergen C when we got home. I think I'll do another one before I go to bed just in case. I don't know if it's all in my head or not lol. I tend to panic when I think I might be getting sick now. Especially for the holidays,. That would really suck.Pin It

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Crochet Addict UK said...

Bronchitis is going round at the moment. We were told it was a virus. When it got to the stage that my husband was coughing up blood they then gave us antibiotics. The infection has cleared but 7 weeks on we are all still coughing. My hubby went to work when he was ill. All his team has now been ill. 4 of them are now having to use inhalers. If he doesn't get better take him back. It's a bacterial infection not viral so antibiotics can work. I really hope he gets better soon!

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