Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Security

Trevor had his first dance Friday night. Yes, he's only in 5th grade. The school is so small that in order for the 8th graders to have a fun graduation dance they invite the younger grades also.

He was all kinds of excited about it.

At my cousin's wedding a couple years ago I found out my little man was a dancing fool. He was dancing so much that people made a circle around him and were cheering him on.

I watched in awe, thinking "who is that kid?".

So I tried to warn him that the girls always said that no one actually danced at these dances. The teachers have been known to call them "stand-a-rounds".

He was so worried about the times.

We have to be there after 7 but before 7:20 or they won't let us in.
You have to pick me up at 9 but not after 9:20 or I won't be able to go to another dance.

Yeah yeah kid, this isn't my first rodeo, I've got it.

So he was dropped off at 7 and then I went over to my neighbor's dock and enjoyed the sunset.

Of course I set my alarm so I could make sure and get back to the school on time for pick up.

I was there a couple minutes before 9 and there was a bunch of parents standing around by the gate that they use to close off the school. A kid was hanging on it and it opened up so I walked up to the door to collect Trevor.

I got a "How did you get in here" from the guy standing at the door (who also happens to be my neighbor). I was like I walked in? Came to pick up my kid? Then the teacher ran over and told us we "had to get out" and back over to the gate area.

My God you'd think we were breaching security at the airport the way they were all acting.

Never mind that just last year you had to go up to the door to collect your kid. It just cracks me up because HELLO I've been picking up kids at this school for 16 years now. Maybe they should have posted the new rules somewhere for us old timers.

Things sure have gotten "tight" the last few years. I miss the old laid back days. When Jess was there I would have been invited in to hang out.

Anyhow, he said he had a great time and they all danced. Apparently you just have to be a 5th grade boy to dance at the school dances.Pin It

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