Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cousin Al's Wedding

My "Cousin Al" got married on Saturday to the girl we met in Vegas.

They got married outside at the Santa Ynez Inn
It was an outside wedding.
The last outside wedding we went to we were on the bride's side 
and it was in the full sun while the groom's side was in the shade.
This time? Reverse. Everything.
It was freaking hot. 
The wedding was at 4:00 which means really that it happens at a quarter to 5. 
My sister in law got up and stood in the shade with my niece while we were waiting for it to start. 
We soon followed.

Eventually the wedding started. Both of my brother's were in the wedding. 
I was a bit surprised at the gals they were escorting down the aisle. 
I think they might have been a tad bit surprised too!

 After the wedding we moved over to this little reception area.

The wedding had a peacock theme to it. Check out the super tall centerpieces.

My niece did pretty good through it all. 
For some reason I wasn't allowed to take her picture for awhile. 
She'd scream NOOOOO!! 
and cover her face. 
Too funny.

The fancy looking dinner. 
Looked better than it tasted. 
The girls chicken was RAW.
 I asked for a new piece for them. 
I felt bad since it was a wedding but this was our dinner. 
They still didn't end up eating much of it.
Late night McD's run anyone?

Once the music started Trevor and his cousin started dancing.
It was so cute! 
They danced and danced. 
My brother took a video on his phone. 
I still haven't seen it though.

My baby brother and his family

Trevor dancing his butt off! 
He complained that his arms hurt for two days afterwards!

Little brother and my sil/niece

Me and mini me

And me having a good time on the dance floor. 
I danced a lot. 
I love to dance :)

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Chris H said...

What a gorgeous looking bride/wedding.
I would not have eaten raw chicken! It can give you selmonelly poisoning, which is REALLY BAD.
That wee girl is adorable, probably gets her photo taken too much, hence her covering her face!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Looks like a fun wedding!
I love that you dance....I hate to dance...rather have root canal. :-)

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